Afghan Hound Dog

Afghan Hound Dog History and Domestication

The Afghan Hound is thought to be one of the oldest of all domestic Dog breeds, with the primary facts of the Afghan Hound courting returned to 4,000 BC. The speedy and agile nature of this Dog meant that they made top-notch hunters of the small game of their local Afghanistan, maximum commonly hunting Deer, Goats, Gazelle and Wild Boar at the side of seeing off larger predators along with Wolves and Snow Leopards. Their gentle nature also made this fashionable sight-hound a doting shepherd, fearlessly defensive cattle from hungry predators. This lovely but gently natured watchdog became added to Britain within the early Twenties and its entry to the USA followed in 1926. The elegance of the Afghan Hound supposed that they fast became noticeably applicable Dogs, both as pets and for display.

Afghan Hound Physical Characteristics

Afghan HoundThe maximum feature of this breed is the lengthy, silky fur that covers the Afghan Hound’s body, most appreciably at the top of its head. Afghan Hounds are maximum usually black or golden in colour even though some of the coloration variations now exist within the breed which includes brown, grey and white. The elongated head and muzzle of the Afghan Hound make them easily identifiable, at the side of their excessive hip-bones which gave the ancestors of the modern-day day Afghan Hound their reputation for speed and agility. The face of the Afghan Hound is mostly a black-coloured mask, with a black nostril and darkish almond fashioned eyes. The colouration of the facial mask is understood to differ despite the fact that white is said to be discouraged as it’s far visible as a signal of poor breeding. They are pretty massive Dogs status on average at 68cm in the top.

Afghan Hound Behaviour and Temperament

The temperament of the typical Afghan Hound has a tendency to be aloof and dignified, but satisfied and sensible and typically particularly playful. However, the Afghan Hound has popularity among Dog trainers for having an enormously gradual obedience intelligence in all likelihood due to their slightly cussed nature. The Afghan Hound has a leaning toward independence and owners should now not be surprised if their Dog every now and then chooses to disregard commands. The modern-day Afghan Hound is said to have many Cat-like inclinations, loving to laze across the house and is normally an awful lot slower than its Middle Eastern ancestors. The Afghan Hound is seldom used for looking in Europe and America today where they may be one of the most famous domestic Dog breeds.

Afghan Hound Breeding

The Afghan Hound changed into first bred inside the historical deserts of Egypt and Afghanistan, in which they had been mostly used as hunters. The Afghan Hound became a favoured choice of Dog as they were able to outrun most people of different animals, whilst being brave hunters and had been capable of thinking independently, frequently capable of maintaining large prey from escaping till the hunter arrived. The first domestic breeding of the present-day day Afghan Hound became by using an English officer station close to Kabul, who later introduced the Afghan Hound to the United Kingdom in 1925. 12 months later, the Afghan Hound became taken to America wherein its beauty and beauty made it one of the most prestigious breeds of home Dog within the States. The average clutter size of the Afghan Hound is around 7 puppies, which can be blind when firstborn.

Afghan Hound Interesting Facts and Features

When the Afghan Hound breed turned into first added to America, its naturally unbiased nature brought about it gaining recognition for being untrustworthy. Today, however, a lot of these traits aren’t quite as outstanding within the breed as they once had been. The high hip-bones of this Dog are notion to be one of the principal motives why the Afghan Hound once had recognition for velocity, making them faster at jogging than most different home Dog breeds today. The lengthy topknot at the pinnacle of its head, along with the small ring near the quit of its tail, is of the most special features of the mature Afghan Hound. They originate from the mountains of Afghanistan and their specific look affords these Dogs with vital advantages at some point of the bloodless winters and warm summers. Although lovely, this long fur takes everyday care and upkeep to make sure that the coat remains healthy.

Afghan Hound Facts

Common Name: Afghan Hound
Origin: Afghanistan
Group: Dog
Average Size (H): 68cm (27in)
Average Weight: 27kg (60lbs)
Average Lifespan: 14 years
Average Litter Size: 7
Type: Hound
Colour: Black, White, Brown, Gold
Temperament: Alert yet reserved and lively
Training: Moderately Easy
Distinctive Features: Long fur and pointed muzzle