Rent a Car Before You Buy – 5 Questions to Ask First

There’s a lot of benefits to renting a car first before committing to it such as you get to:

Test-drive a brand new car model before you decide to purchase or lease
Enjoy the ride in a car without the linger of smoke or animal smells
Rent a comfortable, roomy vehicle for company arriving from out of town or for a business trip
Purchase a clean, current model vehicle with low mileage
Here are some questions to ask before you Rent:

1. Does my personal automobile insurance cover any type of damage to a rental Limousine Rental Houston ?

2. Does my personal homeowners policy cover any type of theft of my personal property from a rental?

3. Does it cover theft of personal property if it belongs to a traveling companion if the property happens to be stolen from a rental?

4. Does either my homeowners insurance or my personal automobile insurance, or even my employee medical insurance cover any type of injuries from an auto accident in a rental?

5. Does my credit card cover me for any damages that may be done to a rental or any third party liability?

Under no circumstances should you drive while unprotected. If you happen to be already covered through an existing policy, you may happen to have or even a charge card, make sure you buy the car rental company’s collision as well as liability insurance. These actually allow the renter’s financial responsibility for damage to the rented vehicle to be promptly waived. There may be a per-day charge for this type of option which is worth it.


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